“YSU Summer Honors Institute: City of You” by RJ Thompson, Assistant Professor of Graphic + Interactive Design in the Department of Art at Youngstown State University Youngstown is made up of a multitude of different individuals, all with their own thoughts and opinions on the city they live in. Instead of always having blogs written by the City of You’s creative team, we’re going to change the perspective a bit and allow Youngstown’s youth to shine. A group of local area high schoolers have enrolled in my week-long honors course at Youngstown State University with the expressed purpose of helping the City of Youngstown ‘City of You’ platform thrive.

In this course, they’re learning how to blog, design graphics and be more active in the community. They were asked to write a blog about something within city limits that they think should be recognized more by those who live in Youngstown. The responses that the City of You received were too good not to be shared – so here they are! Each student was asked to write a blog post and design an advertisement poster. The results of the blogs are on the ‘News’ page, and the graphic design posters are featured below. We’re excited to present a new perspective on Youngstown from some of its brightest young minds. Enjoy!

Student Advertising Concepts:

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