“The Most Beautiful Moments in Life: The Interior” by LadyPerez, Youngstown Early College Student. Youngstown is made up of a multitude of different individuals, all with their own thoughts and opinions on the city they live in. Instead of always having blogs written by the City of You’s creative team, we’re going to change the perspective a bit and allow Youngstown’s youth to shine. A group of high schoolers have been taking a summer course at Youngstown State University with the City of You’s own RJ Thompson. In this course, they’re learning how to blog, make graphics and be more active in the community. They were asked to write a blog about something within city limits that they think should be recognized  more by those who live in Youngstown. The responses that the City of You received were too good not to be shared – so here they are. They are edited a bit for clarity, but are being presented with the same style and nuance that the writer used when he or she wrote it originally. We’re excited to present a new perspective on Youngstown from some of its brightest young minds. Enjoy!

In Youngstown, there are many places to visit. I, for one, love every aspect of this underrated town on the outskirts of the city. Not only is it my home, but it is where I can find a sense a peace within myself at the Botanical Gardens. At the Botanical Gardens, there are numerous amounts of plant life that you can admire and possibly buy from the building. If, you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to see or have your wedding take place there. Just last week, I went to the Botanical Gardens in hopes of sitting underneath my favorite tree, in which I call ‘The Tree Of Life’ because it revives my energy after a long day; yet, instead, I was able to witness a lovelybot couple having their wedding pictures taken.

Even the interior of the building beheld proof of this event with their gorgeous arrangements of exotic flowers, plants and the setup of the first and second floor where you can have a wedding dinner. Downstairs, on the first floor, the walls are adorned with wood and glass chandeliers. The glass windows and doors open up to another portion of the world in which you may enjoy with a cool breeze. This portion of the gardens allows you to be able to (over)see a portion of Mill Creek Park and their famous Log Cabin which is across the street from a bodacious body of water. Another part of this floor allows you to see the history of Youngstown, Mill Creek Park and the Botanical Gardens.

If you go all the way up to the third floor of the building, your eyes will be able to oversee the first floor and more of the body of water in the Mill Creek Park; but there is the possibility of your eyes focusing more on the trees that might be spouting cute, white flowers. The most amazing part about all of this on the third floor is the fact that the third floor is outside (Unless you want to stay inside of the building in front of the elevator). On the way back down to the second floor, if you pass the first door, you will find the gift shop. This small store beholds many false plants, things to label your plants (if you have a garden), floral lotions, floral perfumes, rocks, mood rings, things for a terrarium, candy and so much more.

There are multiple parts of the Botanical Gardens that I love (all of it) that if I were to write about the outside also, this blog would get very lengthy. So this is part one of The Most Beautiful Moments in Life: The Interior. I will expand upon the exterior beauty another time.