You’re with friends. You’re bored.

On the rare occasion there isn’t an event or concert happening in Youngstown, one can always find entertainment within the walls of a local thrift store.

Youngstown and it’s surrounding neighborhoods are jam packed with different thrift stores that carry a variety of wares. While there are many more thrift stores than this, here are five stores anyone in the area should check out just to get started. The possibilities are endless!


1. Goodwill, the tried and true. 

Goodwill will always be the number one thrift store in the Youngstown area. Not only can one find interesting clothes at Goodwill, but housewares and electronics as well. The prices are the lowest around, too. Where else can you find a wedding dress, a set of plates for your house, a TV and sweatpants all for less than $25? Nowhere.

There’s a ton of variety at Goodwill. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at one location, check out the other two in the area. That’s right, there are three Goodwill locations alone in Youngstown… Three!

2. Greyland, the Youngstown oddity.

Anyone who has been downtown is familiar with the Greyland building. While this is technically an art space, Greyland has a ton of odd items for sale. They feature some of these on their Facebook, but for the full effect, one must actually go in the building.

Located right in the heart of downtown, close to the Youngstown Police Department, Greyland is a staple of the city. The space also offers concerts, which makes for a fascinating blend of the arts.

3. Youngstown Flea, the downtown spectacle. 

Youngstown Flea has become the go-to spot for thrifty city dwellers. Located next to the Covelli Centre, Youngstown Flea sits pretty on the outskirts of downtown.

This flea market contains mostly handmade goods – spice mixes, dog treats, clothes, birdhouses… you name it, Youngstown Flea has it. This open air market is a great place to explore when you’re looking for a unique gift that isn’t necessarily second hand. The goods are gorgeous AND they’re local!

4. Mr. Darby’s, the endless warehouse. 

Mr. Darby’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a day to waste. This thrift store and antique mall is located just outside of Youngstown in Boardman in a massive warehouse.

There are vendors that rent out spaces inside of the warehouse… some stay longer than others. The rotation of vendors means there’s always something new to see at Mr. Darby’s! From old film cameras to fiesta ware to vintage clothing and records, this place has it all. They also have store cats, so you can make some new friends while perusing the aisles.

 5. Four Seasons, the grandfather of flea markets.

Photo from the Four Seasons Flea Market website.

The airport-turned-flea-market-space is one of the largest collections of diverse cultural goods and foods in the Youngstown area. Prepared foods, fresh home grown fruits and vegetables, clothes, house goods… You name it, Four Seasons has it. The Four Seasons market is both an indoor and outdoor venue, so be prepared to shop rain or shine.

According to their website, the flea market covers 88,000 square feet of indoor space and 22 acres of outdoor space. It’s a short drive from Youngstown, but it’s definitely worth it.