The Annual International Latino Food Festival was held May 20 from 12 pm – 7 pm at the Organización Cívica y Cultural Hispana Americana (OCCHA) in Youngstown, Ohio.

OCHHA is an organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of Latin people in and around the Mahoning county by providing social, cultural, economic and educational programs.

Food from all over latin america was served at the event for a small price. Visitors would take a ticket that featured all of the different food offered and its country of origin, check off the meals they wanted and then go around the room collecting their checked items. Each latin american country had multiple items guests could order that showcased their unique flair.

There was also live entertainment at the event – Ursuline High School’s Spanish Club members and Paulina Montaldo, a Spanish teacher at Youngstown State University, performed dances for the guests. Rookery En Español, a radio program featured on YSU’s Rookery Radio, was also present spinning tunes and documenting the night in photographs. A piñata was brought in for the kids, and the night ended with salsa dancing.

All proceeds of the event will go to supporting OCCHA’s educational programs.