“Oh Wow! Science Center” by Callia Barwick, Canfield student. Youngstown is made up of a multitude of different individuals, all with their own thoughts and opinions on the city they live in. Instead of always having blogs written by the City of You’s creative team, we’re going to change the perspective a bit and allow Youngstown’s youth to shine. A group of high schoolers have been taking a summer course at Youngstown State University with the City of You’s own RJ Thompson. In this course, they’re learning how to blog, make graphics and be more active in the community. They were asked to write a blog about something within city limits that they think should be recognized  more by those who live in Youngstown. The responses that the City of You received were too good not to be shared – so here they are. They are edited a bit for clarity, but are being presented with the same style and nuance that the writer used when he or she wrote it originally. We’re excited to present a new perspective on Youngstown from some of its brightest young minds. Enjoy!

The best place to start when hanging out in downtown Youngstown is the Oh Wow! Science Center. The center is open seven days a week with a reasonable admission price of $8 for adults and children three and older.  There are eleven exhibits which include more than 60 different hands on activities for all of the ages. If you start to get tired and need a little time to relax before going back into the science fun, take a stop at their sitting area to have a light snack. The great thing about this place also is being able to go and experience a nice bonding experience of family and friends while using hands on exhibits to understand how science impacts the world around us. For more information go to ohwowkids.org/ or call (330) 744-5914.