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The City of You is a marketing and advertising platform for the City of Youngstown that supports local culture, events, and programs. However, it works best when YOU are a part of it. We encourage organizations of any shape, size, or status to get involved in the City of You.

Through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary strategy from various partners and service providers, the City of You offers a new future-focused narrative for Youngstown, visually portrayed through a multi-point advertising platform that offers intelligent and meaningful expressions across all print and digital media channels.

All advertising and design concepts that have been created were subjected to extensive stakeholder critique, public presentation, critical observation and in-depth analysis through the use of target-specific focus groups, user testing scenarios, and in-person data collection techniques.

Please contact us via the form below -or- e-mail us directly and a representative from the City of Youngstown will get in touch with you.



With proper permissions, you can use the City of Youngstown logos in your print and digital advertising. High-resolution vector artwork can be made available for implementation. A branding standards manual is available for download that identifies how the City of You logos should be implemented.


Want to partner with the City of Youngstown on your event? We’d be happy to help you. We can help promote your event through advertising, social media, and video!


The City of Youngstown is always interested in supporting community and neighborhood events. Please contact us using the form below with all of the details for your event and we’ll see how we can help you out.


The City of You Podcast is a 30-minute (average) podcast available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Google Play Music that focuses on the good works being done by the citizens of Youngstown. Whatever your role or walk of life, we want to know your story – and share it with the world.


Have you seen those City of You t-shirts around town? Want one? We can help you out. City of You t-shirts come in all varieties of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can even have your organization’s branding on an exclusive City of You design. Contact us for more information!

Logo Usages & Licensing Agreements

Organizations and individuals who wish to use the City of Youngstown logos will be obligated to sign a license agreement that will hold them personally and legally responsible for the use and/or abuse of the brand identity.


Any associated costs for using the City of You brand in your advertising cannot be released online and are available by request only. Please use the form below to inquire about costs associated with licensing this brand.


for your community group, non-profit organization, or school? We can help!

We can customize an exclusive City of You™ t-shirt designed for your fundraiser for FREE! 

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If you are a private individual or for-profit organization that would like an exclusive City of You™ t-shirt design to sell as product or for private use, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions and a member of our team will get in touch with you about next steps!

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