The United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley is partnering with The City of You to highlight the parents in Youngstown City Schools.  The Parent Storyteller Project is a chance for parents to tell their story, share their experiences with the Youngstown City Schools, and talk about their children and their day to day lives.

The men and women we interview are being open and honest, encouraged not to hold back.  These are their opinions and thoughts.  We are teaming up with the City of You to give them an opportunity to get their stories out there to the community.  They will tell you about their child’s experience in the classroom.  They will explain what it’s like to be a parent living in Youngstown.  They’ll share their struggles.  They will brag about their triumphs.  This is an opportunity for their voice to be heard.

Many of the parents we are interviewing have children that are part of our Success After 6 initiative. Their children are in the after-school program or receiving help through other programs offered by our United Way and Success After 6.

You can read about the parents, students, and families by clicking here, and you can listen to the parents by going to the City of You and click on Podcast.

The host of the Parent Storyteller Project is United Way staff member, Tara Walker-Pollock.

Tara has worn several hats since her start at United Way.  She was the Success After 6 Coordinator the first year at Taft Elementary.  She then helped expand the program in the fall of 2017.  Tara now serves as our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, helping people get involved with our initiatives and programs.


Click here to Meet the Parents.

Click here to listen to The City of You Podcasts.